The Pinewood Trust is a registered charity and was established in 2018. The Trustees of the charity recognised the need for a safe space for young people to explore, take positive risks and have the opportunity to 'Play Out' in an outdoor activity centre.

The value of play for people of all ages is greatly underestimated, with links to learning, risk management, development of social and problem solving skills.

Based in Burshill near Brandesburton, we provide a safe outdoor activity centre to encourage young people, particularly youth groups from disadvantaged backgrounds; to get away and enjoy the countryside, a peaceful place where older people can come together for days out, combating isolation and loneliness; a calming, green sanctuary for those who have additional needs or who are differently able, and offering respite to those affected by mental illness.

Pinewood means so much to many people and for this reason this space is here for people to simply be...